February 23, 2020

NCYSA #6 – v. FVAA Flash Red (October 15th @ 1:30P) – Recap


Finally. A well deserved W.

NCYSA # 6 (1-4-1)
Final: (W) 2-0 to FVAA Flash Red
Goals: Justin (1), Ali (2)
GK: Matthew & Matt
Cards: None

NCYSA #5 – v. Elite White (October 7th @ 6:30P) – Recap


NCYSA # 5 (0-4-1)
Final: (L) 0-8 to Elite White
Goals: None
GK: William & Ali
Cards: None

NCYSA #4 v. TUSA Gold (October 1 @ 1:30P) – Recap


NCYSA – Fall 2011
Game Four (0-3-1)
v. TUSA Gold (L 0-9)
West Ten Soccer Complex (Eurosport Complex) – Field 4A

Goals: none

GK: Justin & Tyler

Cards: Andrew (Y)

NCYSA #3 – v. Elite Black (September 24 @ 10:30A) – Recap


The boys played very well and the 0-6 result is not indicative of quality of our play.  If we played like this two weeks ago, we would have had a different result against PGSA.

NCYSA # 3 (0-2-1)
Final: (L) 0-6 to Elite Black
Goals: None
GK: Gavin & Conner
Cards: None

NCYSA #2 v. PGSA Stars (September 10 @ 1:00P) – Recap


It was a beautiful day on Saturday as we played a tough game against PGSA – going down 4-0 and fighting back to make 4-2 with many shots rattling the goalposts in the final few minutes.

NCYSA # 2 (0-0-1)
Final: (L) 2-4 to PGSA Stars
Goals: Opponent own goal & Ali
GK: Braeden & Andrew
Cards: None

NCYSA #1 v. Premier White (Friday, August 26 @ 6:30P) – Recap


Well, we braved the weather and played a tough first opponent in Premier White 00.  The boys fought hard on the fast stadium surface and managed a 1-1 tie against our CASL brethren.

NCYSA #1 (0-0-1)

Final: 1-1

Goals: Gavin

GK: David & Mihir

Cards: none

We are off for this next week and will return to the fields on September 10th versus PGSA.

North Meck Kickoff – Tournament Recap (Finalists U11 Elite Division)

“I don’t want to let my teammates down…”

If I could summarize the weekend in Charlotte in one phrase – it would be the line above. It is what I heard from multiple boys who were playing through stomach issues, head trauma issues, internal issues and just intense fatigue from playing four games in two days. I just can’t believe that boys who’ve known each other for such a small amount of time – care so much for each other already. I won’t speak for anyone else – but there is no other team that we’d want Andrew to be on and are looking forward to the remainder of the season.

As you know, David was unable to join us due to an emergency that arose on Friday – so we wish him and his family the best.

Also, a big thanks to Coach Eric for his work with the boys already – this was a completely different team than the one that played in a scrimmage last week.

All this said, we did play some games and played very well reaching the Finals in our first tournament together. Here’s the recap of each game:

8:00A – vs. Steele Creek 00 Fusion (W 3-0)

Goals: Conner, William, Matthew B.
GK: Gavin, Ali, Braeden

5:00P – vs. North Meck 00 Red (W 5-3)

Goals: Andrew (3), Braeden, Justin
GK: Mihir, Ali

9:30A (Semis) vs. North Meck 00 Black (W 3-1)

Goals: Justin, William, Braeden
GK: Gavin, Ali

2:00P (Finals) vs. Greensboro United 00 (L 0-3)

Goals: None
GK: Mihir, Gavin

Goal of Weekend - If you had told me after Justin’s goal on Saturday where he took the kickoff and dribbled through everyone and scored that it would be TIED for goal of the weekend – I would have said you were crazy. But, I think we’d have to say it is a tie with Braeden’s Corner Kick goal against North Meck Black in the semis which killed all of their momentum.

Save of the Weekend - All of our GK’s were really outstanding, but Gavin stopped not one but two PK’s and made the save of the weekend on Saturday morning running back to hit a ball that was clearly destined for the back of the net.

Favorite Moment of the Weekend - without a doubt, it has to be Saturday night at Killington’s – watching the boys sit together and play with the video game in the back of the restaurant. It was awesome.

As Ken Bulmer gets his pictures up from the weekend – we’ll post the link so you can see if there are any that interest you. Ken did his best to make sure he took some of everyone. I’m including one for all of you here.

First game is Friday – so we’re back at it again. Thanks again for your help this weekend-

Game Two v North Meck 00 Black – August 20 @ 5:00P

VisitLakeNorman.org #2

v North Meck 00 Black

8:00A – Richard Barry Park #5B

Game One v Steele Creek AA 00 Fusion – August 20 @ 8:00A

VisitLakeNorman.org #1

v Steele Creek AA 00 Fusion

8:00A – Richard Barry Park #5A

Scrimmage v U11 CASL Hawks – August 16th @ 6:00P

Scrimmage #1
v U11 CASL Hawks
6:00PM – WRAL Dunkin Donuts #9
L (1-5)
Goals: Matt MacLauchlin

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the field last night and it was great to see the boys play together for the first time. Although the score wasn’t what we had hoped – I thought a lot of good came from the game and will gladly welcome the chance to scrimmage the Hawks again later this Fall.

A congratulations to Matt MacLauchlin for scoring our first goal of the season (even in a scrimmage).